Sunday Morning Worship

Sermons from Sunday Morning worship services

Bishop Richard Lands
Bishop Maurice Youmans / 2020 May 31

God Is Our Provider - Psalm 65:1-13

God is the one that is providing for you. It may be difficult right now, however take a closer look at all the times that received a blessing from God, even though you did not deserve it.


Overseer Larry Lands
Overseer Larry Lands / 2020 May 24

It Was a Set Up - Matthew 27:45,46

It does not seem possible that God would turn from His own Son. But it was necessary for the fullness of God's love for humanity to be realized. It was a Set Up.


Bishop Richard Lands
Bishop Richard Lands / 2020 May 17

God Never Fails - 1 Peter 4:13-19

The promise of God’s faithfulness falls upon those that are suffering in a manner that pleases God. That continue to do the right thing and trust God.


Bishop Kristoffer Lands
Bishop Kristoffer Lands / 2020 May 10

Will Your Living Out Live Your Life? - 2 Kings 20:1-8

Have you effectively prepared for your tomorrow? Being a devout Christian is not enough. Jesus must be intricately interwoven in the fabric of your life.


Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands, II
Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands, II / 2020 May 03

Trust God - Psalm 43:5

God is with you when you are anxious, angry or, downtrodden. God promises to not leave you and to provide for all your needs. Find encouragment in God's Character.