Sun 9:00 am

Sunday Bible School

Join us Sunday mornings for breakfast at 8:00 a.m. followed by an engaging bible school that is discussing Revitalization through Discilpeship at 9:00 a.m.
Sun 10:00 am

Sunday Morning Worship

Join us every Sunday Morning for a unique worship experience. While the worship is the same the experience that each person has is unique. We facilitate the process that helps people become more like Christ in their words, thoughts, actions, feelings, relationships, motives, and attitudes.
Sun 5:00 pm

Sunday Evening Worship

Unable to make the morning services, then join us in the evening at 5 for the same quality of service.
Wed 7:00 pm

New Life Bible Study

An engaging opportunity to open the word of God. This year we are focus on Doctrine. Specifically this month we are discussing the doctrine of Man, Anthropology.
Sat 9:00 am


The CCSWL Process is proactive. It is based on timeless truth that addresses the character development needs of young males and females from 5 years old through 17 years old. For more about the process [CLICK]
MTTh 6:00 pm

Zumba +

Sure there is Zumba but then there is the plus. We practice Chen Tai Chi, Capoeira and work to improve our core strengthing. This is all part of our 2019 focus this year: Body Health and Wellness.