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    We are so glad that you are experiencing God's favor upon your life.

    Greater Calvary Bible Church is founded on the basic biblical principles of Salvation, Education, and Liberation. We are a full gospel, abundant life fellowship. We believe that mankind must be saved. Saved men must be taught the truth of God's Word and made free through the knowledge of the truth.


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News and EVENTS

THe GCBC Ministers are hosting the "AmazingRace: Fun Run and Walk" August 9, 2014 from 7am to 9am. This is a FUNdraiser and so particpants will be asking for sponsorship to run and walk. Contact: Minister G. Shuler for more information.

    Family Life International Fellowship (FAMLIF) will host a Youth Character Camp at the GCBC on August 16, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Come, hear and receive from GCROP cadets as they explain and present the tenets of a working character development process. The theme for discussion is "Learning to walk as a Character Centered Leader of High Integrity". Bring your youth and your youth leaders to this inaugural event.

    August is GCBC's Church Annual month. Each sunday is an opportunity for for praise, worship and celebration. Stay tuned for more information.


    Happy Birthday to all of our members born in the month of

    The Summer youth work program is over for 2014. We thank Cadets Khalil E., Nathan G., Harold G. Hillel L. Naomi L., Nelson R., Debreanna S. and Tatyana T. for assisting with classes, cleaning the attics and other storage area. Trimming the Bushes. Organizing the Library. Reading to ALLC cadets. Facilitating on field experiences and more.

    Could not make it to any of the Victorious Living Sessions? Saddened by the thought of no more Victorious Living sessions at the church? No worries, you can continue your Victorious Living