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    We are so glad that you are experiencing God's favor upon your life.

    Greater Calvary Bible Church is founded on the basic biblical principles of Salvation, Education, and Liberation. We are a full gospel, abundant life fellowship. We believe that mankind must be saved. Saved men must be taught the truth of God's Word and made free through the knowledge of the truth.


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GCROP, Inc. would like to thank all of those who helped Rites of Passage youth to travel to Louisiana for a cultural tour.


    Happy Birthday to all of our members born in the month of

    GCROP YOUTH Are hard at work for the summer at Greater Calvary.
    Committed to raising a generation of character centered adults that are committed to building family and community; 8 cadets between the ages of 13-18 are working at the Greater Calvary Bible Church.

    We would greatly appreciate your contribution or search for sponsors to extend funding for this youth work study program through August. Thank you for your consideration. May we please hear from you by or before 18 July 2014, regarding your contribution?

    The GCROP would like to thank ANAK Consultants for sponsoring 4 weeks of work study.